HO Basic Protek Flat Palm Adult (Blue/Yellow/White)

Size: Size 9
Sale price£27.99


Cut: Flat palm
Grip: 4mm synthetic grip latex & 2mm foam for extra comfort
Protection: FPS 2.0: 5 fixed anatomical protection spines that protect thumb and fingers from injuries of shot impact
Surface: Grass/4G/3G
Our Review: This glove is perfect for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities in all weathers and seasons. Their excellent durability means a single pair can have a life-span of a couple of seasons, depending on the frequency of use and surface type. Keepers will get the most out of this glove type when using during training and match days on softer surfaces. The Flat Cut palm is stitched especially for a closer fit to the fingers, allowing for maximum ball contact. The FPS Finger Protection is flexible and comfortable, yet robust enough to withstand the hardest shots.
Our Score 8/10
We are able to order in any of the thousands of others products from HO Soccer providing there is stock. Please contact us for more information.

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