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We’ve all been there. That familiar feeling of clothes shopping for our kids – “this will fit you for ages” – then six months on another unexpected growth spurt and it’s back to the shops and the drawing board. Kids grow, that’s a fact, and it’s a good thing that they do! But when you’re trying to find the right kit sizes for a whole team of them let alone your own, it can be intimidating to say the least.


Different kit brands usually = different sizes and size guides. It could be a mixture of UK, Euro, metric or by age! You could be switching from a Joma kit into a Stanno one (other brands are available!) and thinking “surely an XS is the same as a 164??” Don’t be left in the dark – here’s our top tips for sizing up your team.


1. Don’t make the ‘one size fits all’ mistake

When sizing up a team, we always advise taking samples away to training or matches and going through your players one by one. It sounds tedious but it actually takes no time, and just because Jonny looks the same build as Jimmy, don’t make the mistake of one size fits all. That could be costly in the long run!


2. If it just fits now, will it fit in a year?

When sizing up, think about how long they’ll be wearing the kit for. It’s always a good idea to have a time-frame in mind for the time you want to run a kit. Most of our clubs run theirs for two seasons to get the most value and use out of them. Any less can get expensive. Any more can be too risky. It’s a good plan to be as future proof as possible, so when sizing, if a shirt fits just right now try the next size up as well. If it doesn’t look too baggy or weird fitting, go for that one - They’ll always grow into it!

Growth spurts can happen at most adolescent ages and sometimes you can’t do anything about them. It’s always a good idea to pick a kit that’s well stocked with the supplier and has a few years of production time left, so you’re not stuck for choice if the unimaginable happens or if the more likely signing of new players through the season occurs and you can top up on items care free.


3. Think about all four seasons

As we’re all well aware, particularly in Yorkshire we can have all four seasons in a day let alone a year! So make sure your players have enough room in their kit to apply layers underneath when it gets cold in winter (baselayers the obvious thought) and that the kit is loose enough to be comfortable in the warmer months.



You’ve heard the saying ‘try before you buy’. Well this isn’t quite the same but it’s close! Always use a supplier you can either go and see in person or who will ship you samples to try on first before committing to your order. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to panic buy when you’re fast approaching the season start… You’re excited about how it looks online, or (let’s face it) you didn’t want to sort the kit out anyway and you’re sick to death of everyone else’s opinions on it!


Getting kit right the first time can set you up for a season of success on and off the pitch. We always offer the option of using samples to size up before our customers order. Even for those who’ve been with us for years, we’d always recommend sampling first because it’s better to know than think you know! Please also make use of our online size guides.


We hope this little article helps you this summer, or whenever you’re in the process of sizing your team for new kit. Come in and see us if you want to know more about how we work, we’re always happy to help!


twentytwo have specialised in sport teamwear for over 15 years from their shop on the high street in Sheffield. We aspire to offer friendly advice and the highest quality products and service to all who walk through our door.

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