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Size Guide

In this section you will find sizing information for all our sportswear, workwear and football team kit brands. We have included sizing charts where available and tried to add our own comments where it may be deemed helpful, which are based on first hand experience of these products and other customer feedback. Please be aware, these are guides only.

If you are unsure about the sizing of the products you require, then we recommend arranging samples to be viewed at the shop or to be sent out to you for a small deposit. Please call or email us regrading the samples you wish to see. Unfortunately we can only return non-stock products like these, so please contact us before placing an order if you're unsure about anything.

JOMA - BIG TO SMALL (please note some sizes grouped in playing kit)


2XL-3XL (playing kit)






XS or 14 = (164 / XL Junior)

2XS or 12 = (152 / L Junior)

3XS or 10 = (140 / M Junior)

4XS-3XS or 8-10 = (140 / M Junior) - (playing kit)

4XS or 8 = (128 / S Junior)

5XS or 6 = (116 / XS Junior)

6XS-5XS or 4-6 = (116 / XS Junior) - (playing kit)

6XS or 4 = (104 / 2XS Junior)